Saturday, July 08, 2006

How Can You Get People To Come Back?

How can you bring people back to your website after their first time visit?

Content - If you write useful, unique, and interesting content then the visitors will bookmark your site or blog.

Feeds - Feeds are still fairly new to the internet world, but are increasingly becoming popular. With feeds people can sign up to your site/blog, and open their news feed program, and see when you updated your site/blog.

Email Lists - This is one of my favourites. Put a opt in page on your website/blog, and you will get peoples' emails. This is not SPAM because they chose to receive the information from you. This is great, because it's targeted traffic, and they 'want' to hear from you. Everytime you send out a broadcast to your subscribers remind them to check out your site again, and they will come.

Social Bookmarking - This one is also fairly new. It involves you bookmarking your posts to sites like then everyone can see it, and they might bookmark your post also.

These are all great techniques, but the most important one is content. If you don't write unique, useful, and interesting content then people won't have the desire to read your website/blog. This is because when people read websites they ask theirselves the important question of "What's in it for me?" and "Why should I read this?". If you write the same thing that Joe wrote last night on his blog, then people will say to themselves "I just read about this", and won't be too interested in reading your article.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Are Forums Worth It?

Are forums really worth it? Will they bring you targeted traffic? In one word, yes. You will see a boost in traffic if you start posting in forums.

When you're posting in forums make sure that you post your link in your signature. If you post it in the body of your post then the moderator won't be too pleased.

Make sure that each of your post is useful. Don't post pointless posts to just get your link in. Posts such as "I agree" or "haha". These posts will be looked down upon.

Do not directly advertise products. This seems like spam to people.

Another thing, make sure the forums you're posting to are related to your website. You don't want to post on a guitar forum with a link to your pet website.

Just keep in mind to post useful information, and you'll be going up the page rank in no time.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Articles Are the Key To Getting Targeted Traffic

When you write articles, you tell the audience that you're an expert in the field. Before I read anything on writing articles I thought I was going to be fine with just writing an article, and submitting it to the article directories. Boy, was I wrong. There's SO much more to it more than I could ever imagine. I bought Jim Edwards book "Turn Words Into Traffic", and that book just opened my eyes.

This book made me look at article writing in a whole new perspective. It takes a lot of knowledge, and skill to write great articles. That's the key to getting great amounts of traffic to your site from your articles. They have to be written well, and Jim shows you how to do that.

I highly recommend you check out Jim Edwards' "Turn Words Into Traffic":

Turn Words Into Traffic

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